Right Care Initiative - Helpful Resources for Tackling Disparities in Healthcare

April 3, 2023

Happy first week of spring! As we work to create a brighter future, the Right Care Initiative has developed multiple resources to help health systems and policymakers to effectively tackle health disparities. In our updated packet of data and briefs, please see three briefs (linked here) devoted to improving health outcomes among women, African Americans, and South Asians, along with a patient activation card for clinicians to use in shared-decision making discussions (pages 16-34). California has made major strides in reducing disparities and improving access to health insurance. However, we still have a long way to go in tackling health disparities as you can see in figure 1 below and within the linked briefs. We hope that the attached resources will enable further progress in improving patient outcomes. 

 US vs CA death rates HTN, IHD, Cerebrovascular - 2018-1019

We are grateful to our supporters that have enabled us to develop these important resources that are free to the public. Please consider joining our other contributors in donating to the Right Care Initiative via our UC Berkeley Foundation fund using this donation link. Your contributions of time, talent, generosity of spirit, as well as financial resources are what enable us to spread best practices for the greater good while training future healthcare leaders. Thank you for considering donating today! 

This year our Right Care Virtual University of Best Practices included registrants across 24 states and 15 countries. What an amazing feeling that the best practices we've shared are now extending not only to the four regions that we've built in California but also nationally and globally to help keep families healthy!

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