Free Article Access: Evaluating the Impact of an Accountable Care Organization on Population Health

For a limited time, access is free to the newly published article “Evaluating the Impact of an Accountable Care Organization on Population Health: The Quasi-Experimental Design of the German Gesundes Kinzigtal” in Population Health Management. This study, led by the 2015-2016 CHOIR Harkness Fellow Dr. Alexander Pimperl, presents an evaluation study design for assessing the […]

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How does patient engagement relate to patient-reported outcomes? New publication explores this question

The ACTIVATE study, now in its third year, has been collecting data from primary care practices, care team members, and patients at two large accountable care organizations to explore the impact of patient activation and engagement in their care. A recent publication, now online in the Journal of General Internal Medicine, examines the relationship between […]

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Accountable Communities for Health Data-Sharing Toolkit

CHOIR’s California Accountable Communities for Health (ACH) Project, led by Dr. Diane Rittenhouse, has now made available its ACH Data-Sharing Toolkit, available for free download. This toolkit, sponsored by the California Health and Human Services Agency, provides a resource to assist communities in California and beyond in working to share data across sectors for health […]


Exnovation of Chronic Care Management Processes by Physician Organizations: New Publication

A recent CHOIR publication was published in Milbank Quarterly describing exnovation in a longitudinal cohort of physician organizations. Lead author and CHOIR Co-Director Hector Rodriguez highlights: “Empirical research on organizational change in health care primarily focuses on adoption of innovations, but little attention has been devoted to their removal.  Exnovation is the process of removal of […]


Spring 2016 Message from the Directors

The past six months have been a time of extraordinary growth for CHOIR. We are in the process of developing a national survey of hospitals, health systems and physician organizations as part of our AHRQ-funded National Center of Excellence award with colleagues at The Dartmouth Institute and the 17 health system High Value Healthcare Collaborative. […]


How 30 Percent Became the “Tipping Point”

Conventional wisdom among policymakers and health care leaders says that 30 percent is the magic number when we’re talking about a “tipping point” for meaningful change in how health care is paid for and delivered. Where does this 30 percent figure come from, and does it hold true? CHOIR Director Steve Shortell discusses its potential […]

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Free Article Access: A Longitudinal Study of Medical Practices’ Treatment of Patients Who Use Tobacco

For a limited time, the American Journal of Preventive Medicine has provided free access to the recent CHOIR publication, A Longitudinal Study of Medical Practices’ Treatment of Patients Who Use Tobacco. Using data from the National Study of Physician Organizations surveys from 2006-2013, the authors examine the use of tobacco cessation processes in medical practices […]

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ACO Patient and Family Engagement: An Early Assessment

What are accountable care organizations doing to engage patients and families? Our latest publication provides an early assessment by combining data from a national survey of 101 ACOs, 11 ACO phone interviews and 2 ACO site visits. Abstract Accountable care organizations (ACOs) have incentives to meet quality and cost targets to share in any resulting savings. Achieving […]