The ‘Next Frontier’ in Health Care: Creating Accountable Communities for Health

CHOIR Director Dr. Stephen Shortell discusses the creation of Accountable Communities for Health in the July issue of the AHA’s Hospitals & Health Networks Magazine. Accountable Communities for Health, formed when cross-sector organizations come together in accepting responsibility for improving and maintaining the health of a community’s population, may help to address challenges that hospitals […]

CHQI Fosters Innovation, Reports Healthy Returns

CHQI, the Center for health Quality and Innovation, was established in 2010 to foster innovations that promote quality, access, and value at UC medical center campuses and hospitals. Since established the center has issued 50 grants. A recently released report projects a return on investment of more than 5 to 1, with at least $25 […]

Joint Venture Health’s 1st Anniversary

This month marks Joint Venture Health‘s first anniversary.  Joint Venture Health is a partnership between the UC Berkeley School of Public Health (CHOIR), community health centers, and health systems to transform the delivery of developmental and behavioral health services in primary care to low-income children in the Bay Area and beyond. The year’s accomplishments include launch of […]