Population Health News: Catching Up With Stephen Shortell

Population Health News conducted an interview with CHOIR Director Stephen Shortell to discuss integrated care delivery systems, care quality and population health management, patient engagement, and organizational partnerships. Read an excerpt from the interview below and download the full interview here.   Population Health News: The industry touts integrated delivery systems, such as accountable care […]


How 30 Percent Became the “Tipping Point”

Conventional wisdom among policymakers and health care leaders says that 30 percent is the magic number when we’re talking about a “tipping point” for meaningful change in how health care is paid for and delivered. Where does this 30 percent figure come from, and does it hold true? CHOIR Director Steve Shortell discusses its potential […]


Berkeley Forum Reports on CA Healthcare Expenditure Drivers

California’s state government, employers and families are concerned about the affordability of healthcare in California. On one hand, payment and delivery innovations within the Affordable Care Act and private market have the potential to reduce expenditures (McClellan, 2014), but there is a concern that provider consolidation may lead to higher prices (Health Care Cost Institute, […]

CHQI Fosters Innovation, Reports Healthy Returns

CHQI, the Center for health Quality and Innovation, was established in 2010 to foster innovations that promote quality, access, and value at UC medical center campuses and hospitals. Since established the center has issued 50 grants. A recently released report projects a return on investment of more than 5 to 1, with at least $25 […]