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Funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

March 2013 – July 2014


Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, this project will examine the role to be played by patients and their families in their own care and in influencing the behavior of health care professionals associated with the evolving Accountable Care Organizations. A white paper will be produced to address the following questions: 1) Will ACOs provide a positive business case/infrastructure for improvement in health care, including for a meaningful engagement of patients and families? 2) In what areas might ACOs engage patients?  To what extent will this engagement be meaningful and how will they measure patient and family engagement?  3) What role, if any, can philanthropy play to ensure the survival and spread of ACOs?  Methods will include a web-based survey of ACOs to assess their patient activation and engagement activities as well as site visits to two ACOs for interviews and observations.

Project Leaders

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Stephen Shortell, PhD, MPH, MBA

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Salma Bibi, MPH

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Neil Sehgal, MPH