California Accountable Communities for Health

The project began with a literature review and an environmental scan of current data sharing practices, both within California and nationally, to be applicable for an Accountable Community for Health (ACH) type collaborative. Using information gathered in the environmental scan and literature review, a toolkit was developed that outlines and recommends options for data and information sharing for ACHs throughout California, regardless of their current capabilities…(read more)

Systematic Review of Tools and Measures to Support Patient Engagement in Safety Net Settings

The purpose of this project was to conduct an environmental scan and evidence review of tools and measures used to engage patients and families in their care in ways that lead to improvements in clinical and business outcomes. Tools and measures to assess patient engagement among low-income and vulnerable patient populations were highlighted and disseminated… (read more)

Project DIRECT

Project DIRECT aimed to understand the unique role of local health departments as they transition under the Affordable Care Act in combating STDs in California and Alabama. Protection from sexually transmitted diseases and infections (STDs), including prevention, screening, and treatment, is one of the core responsibilities of the public healthcare system. Yet public health systems at the local level across the U.S. are in profound transition. Little is known about how the configuration of services – across public and private care sites – affects the effectiveness of STD control… (read more)

The Third National Study of Physician Organizations (NSPO3)

The third round of the National Study of Physician Organizations (NSPO3) collected extensive data from physician practices of all sizes. These data were used to examine the relationship between the structures of physician practices and the extent to which they implement processes characteristic of the Chronic Care Model and the Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)… (read more)

Evaluating the Formation and Performance of Accountable Care Organizations

This project had two main research aims: 1) to advance our understanding of ACO implementation, including a focus on the treatment and management of high cost, high need patients, through a mixed-method approach analyzing data from the National Survey of Accountable Care Organizations and in-depth qualitative interviews and 2) To analyze the local areas and the providers forming ACOs… (read more)

Athena Breast Health Network

This groundbreaking project involves 150,000 women in a California-wide collaboration for breast cancer patients with the goal of revolutionizing the course of their care by designing and testing new approaches to research, technology, and health care delivery… (read more)

Assessing the Business Case for Accountable Care Organization Involvement in ACOs

Using both quantitative and qualitative methods, this project examined the role to be played by patients and their families in their own care and in influencing the behavior of health care professionals associated with the evolving Accountable Care Organizations. (read more)

Assessing Integrated Care from the Patient’s Perspective

The purpose of the study was to (1) measure variation in patients’ perceptions of integrated patient care in a stratified random national sample and assess relationships among dimensions of integration, and (2) explore organizational characteristics related to integrated patient care. (read more)

Comparing the Effectiveness of Diabetes Care Interventions in Safety Net Clinics

The aims of this project were to compare the effectiveness of 1) office-based medical assistant panel managers and 2) community-based health workers on improving diabetes care quality, patient self-management, and patients’ experiences of primary care. (read more)

My Own Health Report (MOHR) Project

This project examined the impact of electronic PRO implementation in a pragmatic trial of collecting and using patient-reported outcomes in federally qualified health centers. (read more)

Additional Past Shortell Research Projects

Additional Past Shortell Research Projects include the Organization and Management of Intensive Care Units; Assessing the Implementation and Impact of Clinical Quality Improvement Efforts (CABG-THR); Health Systems Integration Study (HSIS); Physician System Alignment Study (PSA); and Improving Chronic Illness Care Evaluation (RAND).