Right Care Initiative


Funded by various public and private sources (National Institutes of Health, Johnson & Johnson, Judith and Jack White, Novo Nordisk, the California Health Care Foundation, Sierra Health Foundation, Health Services Advisory Group, and Ralphs Grocery Company)

2007 – present



The Right Care Initiative disseminates and actively works to catalyze successful implementation of evidence-based practices to improve clinical quality among California’s medical groups, health plans, clinics, and the VA. The current focus is on improving care management to prevent heart attacks, strokes, and diabetes complications.  We strive to bridge the knowledge of both academia and health care practice in a learning and research collaborative dedicated to improving patient outcomes.

The Right Care Initiative is a California-wide, public-private healthcare quality improvement leadership collaborative that supports California health plans, medical groups and other delivery systems in achieving metrics-based clinical outcome targets that account for a disproportionate share of preventable disability and death. Current efforts include monthly “University of Best Practices” meetings in three metropolitan regions in which quality improvement leaders and local stakeholders discuss evidence-based approaches, prioritize needs, and share implementation experiences. Right Care also produces an annual statewide leadership summit recognizing top-performing and innovative medical groups and health plans in California. Summit attendees include medical directors, pharmacy directors, quality improvement directors and experts from across the UCs and other distinguished academic centers. Past projects have included reduction of hospital acquired infections.

Find out more at http://rightcare.berkeley.edu/