Right Care Initiative Director

Hattie Hanley co-conceived of and launched the Right Care Initiative in 2007 with the director of the Department of Managed Health Care, and the Deans of University of CA, Berkeley and UCLA’s Schools of Public Health to improve patient outcomes in high yield areas for preventing disability and death, where the science is clear, but the uptake has been uneven. This is a public-private, charitably funded collaborative effort that is currently focused on the prevention of heart attacks, strokes, and diabetic complications. Ms. Hanley has led the initiative since its inception on behalf of the State of California Department of Managed Health Care and UC Berkeley, co-creating the intellectual framework through close collaboration with leading academics in the field. The hallmark of her public policy career is bridging across the disparate arenas of business, government and academia. Ms. Hanley received her Master’s of Public Policy from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, after studying health economics and pre-medical coursework at UC Davis. Since that time, she has applied her background in science, politics and public policy in the areas of clinical quality improvement, public health preparedness and improving laws to protect patients.